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"Dan is committed to online marketing. From SEO articles to brainstorming better navigation, I partnered with Dan to create new website solutions. He's a very personable businessman and a technology innovator. I highly recommend Dan and his business to you."
September 30, 2008
Carey Sessoms, Creative Specialist, Carey Sessoms Inc.

"I have worked with Dan for five years while at Datalink Systems and Semotus Solutions, and I can say he is one of the best software professionals I have known in my entire career. Dan combines an extensive technical knowledge in many areas of software development, the ability to lead and inspire teams of software developers and a pragmatism that is essential for getting things done and meeting deadlines. While working as Director of Engineering at Semotus, Dan was an inspiration and a mentor for his team and his dedication was instrumental for the release and maintenance of several enterprise software applications."
January 21, 2009
Cornel Fota, CTO, Semotus Solutions Inc.
"If I would have to choose one single word to characterize Dan, that is 'ingenuity'. When it comes to system analysis, architecture, and design, I have seldom seen better, more elegant, more robust and reliable solutions that successfully stand the challenge of time. I have learned a lot of things working with Dan, but the most important lesson for me is that if a product is well designed from the beginning, it grows naturally, it grows healthy, I would say, almost effortlessly, and remains solid as a rock. How to achieve that? Simply ask Dan..."
January 21, 2009
Marius Ghetie, QA Manager, Contigo Systems Inc.

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